Work Safely

P C TRUCK & PLANT HIRE PTY LTD employs a staff of 5 people and is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for our employees.

The principal of PC Truck & Plant Hire, Phil Martin, holds a Supervisors Licence and assumes full responsibility for all employees.

The supervisor works with his team of Project Leaders and Health and Safety Officer (as required) to delegate responsibilities for the management of Health and Safety strategies.

Major areas of responsibility include:

  • implementation of procedures for the safe performance of work and the regular review of these procedures to ensure their efficiency and adequacy.
  • ensure all plant and equipment is provided to enable work to be undertaken safely, and maintaining all plant and equipment with regular servicing being undertaken by qualified tradespeople.
  • ensuring the workplace is tidy and well organised.
  • establishing facilities for First Aid, fire fighting and other emergency procedures, as well as ensuring compliance with relevant authorities.
  • establish the Health and Safety requirements of P C Truck & Plant Hire are understood with sub-contractors during any tendering process.
  • establish adequate training and information as necessary to ensure Health, Safety and Welfare of employees.
  • identify training needs of employees and, if necessary, release them to undertake training.
  • establish and maintain necessary records for the recording and reporting of incidents.
  • provide and maintain a rehabilitation program with contact to medical practitioners.
  • ensure that all necessary support is provided to the injured worker and their family to enable an early return to work.
  • promote safety awareness to employees through induction training programs, on-going training programs and posters, information pamphlets.